Refrigerator, new source of cancer?

As we all know , strong magnetic fields can cause cancer. Therefore , there are a lot of people discuss whether the contemporary magnetic refrigerator may not lead to cancer . On this issue, we need to look at the refrigerator is when it was invited.

The first artificial refrigeration compression invented by Harrison in 1851, Harrison Australia “Geelong Advertiser,” the boss, when once washed with diethyl ether type, ether he found painted on the metal has a strong cooling effect .Ether is a low boiling liquid, it is prone to evaporate endothermic. Harrison developed through research using ether and pressure pumpr and apply it in refrigerator Victoria, Australia, a brewery, refrigeration cooling company when used for brewing.

The first motor driven compressor refrigerator by the Swedish engineer Brighton and Montesquieu invented in 1923. Later, an American company bought their invention and produced the first batch of domestic refrigerators in 1925. Which already was the prototype of the modern refrigerator . In other words , the compressor already have a sort of a small magnetic field

Hmmm ,let’s answer the question.

Maybe fridge magnets can cause cancer but the forty times stronger magnet in the motor that keeps it cold is fine. plus I’m sure the magnets that hold the door closed have no effect. and don’t forget everything in your home with wires and motors and speakers has magnets and magnetic fields. By the way since magnets cause cancer we have to leave the universe. All iron-core planets that spin create a magnetic field, that’s why compasses work.