Titanic, sank due to the bad steel?

Recently a Russia fishing ship crash into a iceberg reminds people the accident in 1912. At that time a even bigger ship who called TITANIC crash into iceberg also, sank into water in only 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Guess what, that Russia ship survive! With the speed of 20 knots and hit into a iceberg which is mush more heavier than itself is greatly. I know i lot of people will think: “OK, for so many years the ship’s structure and the material are change significantly.” But that fishing ship was also an 1960’s so the gap is not so big.

Why a in-submergible ship’s structure broken so easily? A lot of question has mentioned but the main stream of the topic is about the steel it has used. Yes even the worst the steel is much more strong than iceberg. Image that ,a 100000 tons ship is not like a airplane upon the sky which is easily been destroyed by a little bird.   

It is the fault of ferritic steel.

Steel has different strength in different temperature. Question is not as we all know in our young7addccfe183ad6b81d57b148135fc621_m time. Titanic is not build but low price steel. It is made by one of the most expensive steel at that time. But in some certain temperature in Atlantic Ocean, the temperature will as low as -2℃. At that temperature the body of the ship is not become more soft. In fact it become harder, but more fragile. Fracture toughness is actually lower than the ship was build. At that time no one knows that because they don’t has X-RAY differential equipment.

Now we knows that, Titanic will broken into two part even it not crash into a iceberg. Technology  improvement is not free, sometime it will costs thousand life. But at least, our ship. even very little fishing ship will no longer afraid the threaten of iceberg.

OOPS! Again. Why we should buy the car windows insurance

Beautiful spring! And…. bang


As we talk about it last week, we talk

OK, so a lot of people want to know why their car’s window(which was totally fine yesterday) suddenly broken down in spring morning. But the first thing is answer what the glass is.

Un.. Glass of your car’s front window is not the normal glass like your room’s. The window we used on your car’s window


There’re two main reason why this safety glass failure. First is the glass itself….Secondly is what we want talk today, so called as  the structure damage. When you have structure damage on the glass the

Another question is: the dent.

The dent is not just dent. Have you ever seen the bubble in the air. It seems that the bubble is strong and shining like an ballon. But when you touch it, the bubble booms quickly. The force which hold the surface called : surface tension,that is we all know on the high school. But this tension is fragile. When you got dent on the galss, just like you stick the bubble. This surface tension will be corrupt because the”surface” didn’t exist in this kind situation. So what the force will go? All the inbalanced force will goes into the dent area. The area of dent or the scratch will be extremely fragile. And ,we can not ignore the problem of the temperature. When the temperature changes, the inside and out side air pressure will be different. All of these above like a hammer in on the window. so when you driving on the road at the speed of about 70 or 75 mp your window could broken suddenly! At first, sure the structure failure will cause some crack.Then the crack will grow fast at the speed you can see. Finally the glass would like a spider’s net. It will not kill you directly, but your sight will be blocked and this will cause accident.

So what we should do now.

First think you can do is so simple which called “Buy the insurance.” AAA, progressive and GEICO provide glass insurance which is not expensive. Only costs several bulks per week you can enjoy the free meal of change class. It seems that most of people only but the basic insurance.

And buy the way. Don’t wait there until the crack come to your car. When you have big dent on glass, check it frequently and observe them to see if it is serous or not. If you have big dent,or crack. DO NO Hesitant, change it right now.


CDC: Flu Activity Expands; same H3N2,but much stronger

New flu,Guys! WAKE UP!


(Wait a minute…. It seems not important at all..not, because we don’t care what’s this year’s new virus. Whatever the flus is,  it has nothing to do with m9186e. We young guys has never been infected, I mean seriously infected by Horrible flus…

Humm… is SARS serious? It kills over ten thousand before…. Whatever, except SARS, flus

BUT ACTUALLY IT IS 3X DANGEROUS than flus before…in hong kong it has kill over 148 old peoples. And same situation happened in india. Over 2000 people was infected and 421 of them has been killed.

So why this year’s ‘common’ flus is so strong?

Ok, basicallyInfluenza_virus this flu is not the new one. From the history it has been detected in 1968 and vaccines has been applied for over 45 years. With the time passed the new generation of H3N2 seems no longer afraid old vaccines.



New vaccines is needed…. Maybe CVS pharmacy is glad to see that..

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